Ways to Dehumidify Your Home in Malaysia


Keeping your home comfortable and healthy is important for yourself and your family. 

Did you know that a humid environment makes the human body less efficient at releasing heat? 


Living in Malaysia, the climate is tropical and humid throughout the year making it hard to maintain healthy levels of humidity in your home. No one enjoys being sweaty throughout the day. When we get home we want to be able to relax and unwind and not worry about feeling the need to take a shower every hour due to sweat levels our body undergoes due to humidity. 


Did you know that a humid home also gives harmful microbes and dust mites the perfect environment to grow? A humid home can cause multiple health problems caused by continuous exposure to mold. These health problems include headaches, concentration problems, muscle and joint pain, respiratory problems and fatigue.


Therefore let us share with you a simple, tranquil and essential way to use home decor as a measure to reduce humidity in your home in Malaysia.


How do you know you need to dehumidify your home?


In addition to the health symptoms listed above, there are several signs that the humidity levels in your home are too high. For instance, do you see mold spots in the corners of rooms and on ceilings? If you do that means that there is too much moisture in the air and that moisture is not being filtered or moving, making the air still and stagnant.  

Other indicators to watch out for include musty odors, rotting wood, and water stains against your walls or ceilings. If you notice any of these signs, it's time you looked into ways to dehumidify your home. 


What else can I do to dehumidify a home without buying a dehumidifier? 

Dehumidifiers in the market can be pricey and are hard to maintain. It requires a lot of electricity. It has been told that dehumidifiers have the tendency to make the air in a home too dry – this too creates its own set of problems. 


Dehumidify your home with a home fountain

Moving water allows the air in your home to filter and makes the air in your home more fluid. Home fountains can range from RM70 – RM1500 and come in many sizes and designs. This piece of home decor enhances your home spaces making it tranquil.

There are health benefits from having constant moving water in your home. It is soothing to the mind, body and soul – plus it dehumidifies your space in a soothing and sensual way. 

The home fountains can match any space at home from placing trendy and iconic home water fountains in your home in Malaysia from the trusted home fountain store – KE STORE. 

Dehumidifying your home with a home fountain in Malaysia will help you combat the constant humid levels in the Malaysian climate plus it makes your home a true sanctuary for you and your family.