The 3 Ways Water Fountains Better Your Life



Ah, the familiar sound of running water. I bet you have heard it when visiting the doctor's office, or in the lounge at a hotel lobby, perhaps even before an airplane takes off. Sounds of water flowing are more so heard when at a yoga class, when the main intention is to relax and unwind, right?

The reason water flowing sounds are present in these situations is because science has proven multiple times how the sound of moving water is the utmost calming soundtrack one can indulge in. Now you must be thinking, that affording a home near flowing water such as a beach house is a faraway dream, but what you can achieve today to create the ambiance is install a water fountain in your home. 

Home decor has always been a popular way to make a house an individual home, adding personal touches to ensure your homely space is to its full potential of comfort. Having said that, indoor water fountains have become increasingly popular as the flowing water sounds and the aesthetics of the fountain significantly improve the quality of your experience at home in a variety of ways. 

Here are 3 popular reasons for having a home fountain from the experts;

 1) Timeless Elegance

Water fountains have been celebrated in private and public spaces throughout the times of different centuries. Did you know, some water fountains have been so thoroughly preserved that they can still be admired by visitors across the world. The worldly famous garden fountains at the Palace of Versailles, Paris, and even the Trevi Fountain which is one of the most known landmarks of Rome prove the significance of water fountains being a pillar of vitality, prosperity, and tranquility. 

A fountain is many times a centerpiece of a space, however, that does not always have to be the case. Indoor fountains radiate the same aura as the historical water fountains and ooze the persona that flowing water benefits the human mental state. Placing an indoor fountain in your home immediately enhances the space and the mindset of those around it. 

 2) Improved Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air quality is increasingly becoming a concern in people's homes. An increase in the number of pollutants in the world globally has now caused people to become worried about the cleanliness of the air that is being breathed, especially at home where loved ones are.

Although a variety of solutions such as humidified and air purifiers have entered the market with various designs and solutions available, one can not quite top the elegance and the simplicity of a home water fountain. The home water fountain naturally cleanses the atmosphere, to improve breathing, oxygen levels in the air, and even simplify the maintenance needed of the air improvement product.

KEStore home water fountains are made out of resin, therefore the designs look like realistic stone, however, they are very light and easy to be placed at home or even moved around the house during different occasions.  

In contrast, a home water fountain is not only pleasing to the eyes and ears but also combines the benefits of both a humidifier and an air purifier. A humidifier works by aerially dispersing gasified water throughout a given space and an air purifier uses negative ions to attract dust particles, however, a home water fountain can do both. 

The constant circulation of water ensures that the fresh H20 consistently keeps the air surrounding the fountain space hydrated and oxygenated while its negative ions pull dirt, dust, and impurities out of the air.

Having a home water fountain is easy to care for by just ensuring there is sufficient water and that the home water fountain is drained and wiped clean on a monthly basis, it will run smoothly for years. 

3) A Perfect Source of White Noise

Have you heard of the term white noise? Many people have heard this term mostly when it comes to newborn babies. New-born babies tend to need white noise in order to fall asleep soundly once they’ve entered the world. 

Similarly, teenagers and adults too need the same element of peace. Many people find it hard to relax even at home, during such a drastic time in the world's urbanization. The sound of passing traffic, insects, or even the sounds from home appliances can cause disturbance in a home. 

These noises tend to get more annoying and make people more irritable at night, leading to insomnia. White noise has been introduced to people to help them fall asleep more soundly. White noise can come in the form of a Spotify playlist, youtube mixtapes, and even meditation tracks. 

Home water fountains are a natural form of white noise, it is continuous and consistent and produces a natural sound of water flowing that is able to scientifically calm the mind and allow the brain to enter the state of rest. With a home water fountain, you can allow yourself and your family to escape the frames of urbanization and enjoy relaxation in the comfort of your home.