Feng Shui Application Of Statues

In Feng Shui, the Arowana fish, also known as the golden dragon, is a potent sign of good fortune. The right Feng Shui Arowana fish statue placement will bring happiness, great love, health, riches, prosperity, and personal power bestowed upon the owner of the statue.

Feng Shui Good Luck Icon: Dragon Fish

The Arowana statue Feng Shui placement attracts money and good fortune. The fish is sometimes referred to as the most costly aquarium fish since it is regarded as one of the most valuable Feng Shui tokens. This fish is treasured for the good fortune it bestows on its owners. The dragon is an ancient holy Chinese imperial symbol. This symbolic icon is a popular gift among corporate executives and owners.

These riches attracting Arowana are extremely magnificent, resplendent in gold-finished dazzling scales. The ideal wealth enhancer for those with refined tastes. Businessmen and business counterparts appreciate it as a gift. Among all water-dwelling creatures, the Arowana is a powerful symbol. It is believed to bring a variety of advantages to your home and family, including more revenue (thus its nickname "wealth fish" by wealthy businessmen and tycoons), protection and guardianship, and an improvement in surrounding chi flow.

Where Should The Statue Be Placed At Home

The fish statues, like goldfish and koi fish, are a favourite Feng Shui fish. Amulets can be used as figurines, Fish statues, photographs, or pendants. Check out the directions before Feng Shui Arowana fish statue placement since they reduce the negative impacts on the house. The North-East or East direction is the best position or direction for the fish. It can be used in place of the money as well as in place of career and profession.

This good luck emblem is highly appreciated in Feng Shui and can be placed in a variety of ways throughout your home. Here is some Feng Shui advice regarding its placement:

  • Display the Arowana in prominent spots throughout your home, such as the main hall, living room, dining room, or bedroom, to increase the blessings and attract wealth luck for all family members.
  • If you already have Feng Shui waterfalls, aquariums, or ponds surrounding your home, you can install the statue near or inside these water features to draw a torrent of financial luck.
  • This lucky charm is perfect for prominent persons like managers, bosses, and employees to signify personal progress and maximize money-making prospects. Furthermore, the Arowana is claimed to bring out your greatest qualities and assist you in keeping your game sharp in order to defeat the competition.
  • According to the Feng Shui Bagua 8 Life Aspiration formula, the North sector is the originator of job luck. Placing this good luck charm in this area of your living room, dining room, or office is believed to bring you good luck and improve your professional possibilities.
  • The placement in the angle diagonal to the main door of your office or home, or on the Southeast corner of the cash register counter or the reception desk of an office, to boost your income luck and make your wealth luck more worthy.
  • You can use your Feng Shui Kua Formula to discover your Sheng Chi direction. When you find it, set the statue on this path to increase your wealth.

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