Water fountains are commonly employed in water fountain for office Feng Shui to bring positive energy into office spaces. Appropriate placement of water fountains promotes good Feng Shui; thus, following a few rules and guidelines can help you make the most of them.

Fountains With Feng Shui

When positioned correctly, the water feature in office Feng Shui can bring favorable energy into the locations where you live, work, and play, improving your life and wellbeing. A fountain in your office is auspicious because it is the source of your career and the location where you work. Other materials and placement recommendations should be followed to ensure you choose the right type of fountain and put it effectively to meet your professional goals.

Water Fountain Positioning Suggestions

Water fountains are water elements and follow the same placement guidelines as other water elements. 

1. Outside the Front Door

A water fountain for office Feng Shui can be placed inside or outside your front entrance. The flow of chi is also encouraged and supported by the water movement in the fountain. On the other hand, the direction in which the water flows is critical in promoting energy flow.

When positioned outside your front door, ensure the water in the fountain runs towards the door rather than away from it. The movement of water controls the flow of energy, and you want to draw energy into your home rather than push it away. When installing a fountain within your front door, make sure the water flows inward rather than outward, or the energy will be pushed right back out.

2. Eastern Sector
Fountains should be placed in a space's family (eastern) sector, which is ruled by the wood element. Water nurtures and strengthens wood. Therefore installing a fountain here aids in the nourishment of family bonds.

3. Northern Sector

A fountain in the northern section will benefit your work and profession. The element of water governs this part of your life and sector.

4. In Your Sector of Abundance

The Southern sector is where the element of wood regulate your abundance, luck, and wealth sector. Thus a fountain's water element feeds this. You can boost the abundance of energy by dropping a few pennies into the fountain.

Fountain Materials

Water feature in office Feng Shui, help the water element. However, the fountain's materials will also represent an element.

A metal water fountain, for example, will also support the metal element, but a ceramic or stone water fountain will support the earth element. As a result, while deciding which materials to use for the fountain, consider their intended use and whether you want the fountain to support or balance.

A bamboo fountain, for example, strengthens the element of fire while weakening the element of earth. A wood fountain should be placed in the eastern sector of a room to encourage family and health or in the southeast sector to support affluence and abundance. If you have too much earth energy, you can moderate it by placing a wooden fountain in the southwest corner of a space.

Ceramic, stone, or clay

Fountains built of stone, clay, or similar materials reflect the earth element, which strengthens and supports the metal element while weakening and reducing the water element.


Because glass reflects the water element, having a glass fountain strengthens the water element even more. As a result, the best location for a glass fountain is in a region that demands a lot of water energy, such as the north sector, which regulates careers.

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