2 Key Lessons That Helped Us Survive 2021


What helped you get through 2021?

In the middle of a pandemic, we have all gone through our own obstacles the past two years. 2021 has brought a variety of lessons, hopes, dreams and desires to the surface. A lot of us became freelancers, or started a business, some of us diversified our expertise to find a niche. 

What was your biggest lesson? Was it the ability to adapt? Perhaps to recover? Whichever one it is, there are two key teachings that we believe are the underlying motion to all things positive. 

Let us share our 2 Key lessons that helped us survive 2021. We look to a hindu god a lot this year, around the world we believe that the teachings of this god has been a solid note of advice that could be used universally for us all to get through the hopeful endings of this pandemic. Using religious stories to learn about substantial teachings

Everything in life revolves around our well-being, without us taking care of our mind, body and soul it would have been even harder to navigate the year – Lord Ganesha is one of the most worshipped deities in the Hindu religion and is also known as Vighnaharta

Vighnaharta means remover of obstacles. Lord Ganesha has 8 key teachings that he embodies. He is recognized for his symbolic figurine that has an elephant's head with a curved trunk and big ears on a large human body. His posture is used for calming and prosperous energies in a home and in a religious offering. 


Did 2021 force your knowledge to transform into success?

One of the key teachings we link to Lord Ganesha for in 2021, was his teaching of how knowledge equals success. Through the loss of jobs and continuous obstacles being thrown in the community, we turned to our knowledge and passion within us in order to drive success to survive during the last 9 months. 

Were you forced to be creative in 2021?

As a child we are always taught to be creative and explore our curiosity. As an adult the word creativity probably means something else to us all individually. However, as the second teaching that guided us through 2021, creativity lies underneath the ways we adapted and managed to foresee possibilities and opportunities through the obstacles that came in our way.

We used the powers, like Lord Ganesha taught in his scriptures, how one has the powers of intelligence and creativity within us as a child and being able to channel our inner powers we could overcome any circumstance. 

Having a Lord Ganesha Symbol at home

As a symbol of prosperity and the destroyer of obstacles the image of lord ganesha in the form of statues, art work and fountains has become a trendy interior design and home decor that represents a powerful metaphor. For some people, having the image of lord ganesha at home serves religious purposes.

However, the majestic hindu god, the Elephant God – Lord Ganesha is a symbol of everything we have all achieved in overcoming the last 2 years of the pandemic, having a home fountain or status of his presence adds edge to the interior home designs, whilst radiating positive energy and immaculate reminders of all things good and right.